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Frequently Asked Questions

These are good news for you; in a joint effort to assist customers, we’ve found through the sale of the loans, the best mechanism to make available tailored solutions for willingness to pay customers.

This means that we understand that sometimes we could face extraordinary out of our hands situations, so if you are a willingness to pay customer, we are here to assist. Your credit history will not have any immediate change with the sale, but we promise to work side by side with you to improve your current situation and achieve financial health soon.

There are no changes to any terms of your loan(s), nor any undergoing negotiations you may have with the bank, everything continues the same, but a new pool of possibilities will be available for you soon. If you have other accounts/products maintained with Scotiabank, this sale will not impact them. For more information please contact us.

That is correct, we will honor any undergoing negotiations you already have with the bank. However, you need to start paying to Genesis PII. Communicate with us, as soon as possible, to guide you on this process.

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